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The Town Around the Christmas Tree: Jacob's Message

The Town Around The Christmas Tree: Jacob’s Message is book five of the Twisted Family Holiday series. It brings the series full circle with the heroine, Hailey Jade, and her cousin, Isaiah, having another Christmas adventure. This story takes the two out of their grandfather’s home, on a walk, and finding mayhem that needs to be addressed, before they can enjoy their Christmas Eve celebration.

While they wait to replicate the town beneath the Christmas tree they encounter an unnatural phenomenon, and then witness Harper having a grown-up conversation, but no one is present. They get spooked and think they’re in for another Christmas disaster. Enter Jacob who is the son of their grandfather’s girlfriend. And he has become Hailey’s BFF.  Jacob arrived for the Christmas celebration, but without his mother, which seems weird but they carry on about their day while they wait for her to arrive.

After the town is put together exactly the way the six cousins remember, from the last year, Jacob invites Hailey to go for a walk. So the older kids—Hailey, Isaiah, Bubba and Jacob, go on an adventurous-walk that, again, teaches them to remember the magic and meaning of Christmas.

Book five of the Twisted Family Holiday series takes us back to the beginning. The Town Around the Christmas Tree is a new classic Christmas adventure, starring Hailey Jade and her cousin, Isaiah, along with Hailey’s new BFF-Jacob. Their Christmas antics both entertain us, and fill us with the literary, Christmas magic we’ve come to love.